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Services Offered

As a clinician trained in a variety of treatment modalities, I customize treatment to each individual in a collaborative process, for better outcomes and a better therapeutic relationship. I don't believe in "one size fits all therapy."


Individual Therapy

I provide individual therapy to adults experiencing issues with eating, gender identity, sexuality, queer identity, stress, and trauma. Please see my "About Me" page for more information on my training and experience. For information on trauma therapy, click below.

Gender Affirmation Letters

I provide gender affirmation surgery letters to those wishing to pursue gender affirming surgery, including for nonbinary, gender queer, and gender nonconforming individuals.  When possible, this service is billed to insurance.  However, cost should never be a barrier to access - please contact me for options.

If you require a letter in a short time frame, please email me to discuss options. 



I believe in providing equitable access to quality supervision.  I have experience in many different treatment areas and love working / teaching newer clinicians. Please contact me for rates.

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