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Trauma Therapy

Effective evidence based modalities, utilizing Trauma Resiliency Model, Seeking Safety, Internal Family Systems, and/or EMDR. 

2: Trauma Reprocessing

During this phase, I work with clients using an evidence-based trauma modality, either EMDR (Eye-Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), Internal Family Systems, or Trauma Resiliency Model. Though the models vary, the goal is the same – to reprocess previous traumatic memories in a way that reduces internal psychological distress, enabling individuals to utilize the therapeutic relationship & techniques in order to heal

1: Safety / Finding Calm

During this phase, I work with clients on building awareness of symptoms, as well as providing education on the nervous system. Sessions focus on developing ways to cope with symptoms of trauma, where a client can develop tools to maintain stability through the healing process, as well to feel capable of managing their symptoms.

3: Reconnection

In this stage, I work with individuals on rediscovering their lives and the connections that give life meaning. This involves a recognition of an individual’s strength & resilience, as well as closure to the aforementioned trauma.

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